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Electric Motor Repair

Commutator Undercutter Machine for DC Motors (Armatures)

Introducing the latest addition to the Riverside motor shop - a commutator undercutter machine, and it's the largest that they make.

It'll handle armatures up to 44" in diameter, from 150 - 10,000 lbs. Handles commutators 10"-44" in diameter, and up to 21" in length.

It has "Power" down-feed, traverse controls, uses tungsten-carbide or high-speed steel, and is heavy with rigid construction.

Riverside delivers world class motor diagnostics and repair for the small and very large motors.

Riverside Testing Standards

Special testing instructions in italics
Megohmeter up to 15KV:

  • All incoming motors
  • Test voltage should be applied for one minute

Open winding test using ohmmeter:

Electric Motor Repair in Boise Idaho

Not everyone is so excited about Electric Motor Repair in Boise Idaho, however we at Riverside are. While we're located in Parma, we have crews working in Boise and are repairing motors for Boise businesses almost daily.

In our treasure valley, we have several motor repair companies in and around Boise to choose from.

Idaho is fortunate to have the Agriculture and Industrial presence that we do. An important part of life for some industries is electric motors, and electric motor repair.

Electric Motor Failure

Electric motors fail. There are a variety of reasons, and it's important to diagnose and understand them.

At Riverside, we have the expertise and capabilities that few other motor shops have. The more you understand why electric motors fail, the better you are at preventing then in the first place.

Here are some of the most common reasons for motor failure, which we can diagnose in our shop:

Overheating, as a result of overload, poor power condition, high effective service power, frequent stops and starts, and environmental reasons is a major cause of motor failure.

Electric Motor Winding Standards

Riverside Winding Standards
Quality workmanship is a top priority, and we're proud to share the standards that we uphold. Each project we have is another opportunity to showcase our expertise and workmanship.

Please find our electric motor winding standards below, and contact us if you have any feedback.

Standard Warranty Terms & Conditions for Electric Motor Repair

All Riverside Inc. parts installed are made of first-class material, and are built in a skillful and workmanlike manner and warranted 1 year. They are additionally warranted against any defective material or workmanship and any part proven defective within one year from the date of invoice, free of charge F.O.B. Parma, ID, on return of such defective part to the Company, transportation charges prepaid. No parts, however, shall be returned without the written consent of Riverside Inc to do so.

Electric Motor Repair Process

Our Process:
Riverside has a proven process that we use for all electric motor repairs. This process allows for the proper diagnosis of electric motor issues, testing, disassembly, service/repair, assembly, and attended to with the highest level of service.

When we receive a motor for repair, it enters into a chain of events.

First, a Riverside employee will take down all critical information and create a Job Card for the motor.