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Riverside Inc is a Babbit bearing repair facility

Babbitt bearings, also called sleeve style bearings, are normally made up of 2 halves, that are machined at specific tolerances to allow the shaft to ride on a film of oil in-between the shaft and the Babbitt bearing.

Babbitt is a soft metal which can be scraped to repair minor defects. If the defects are substantial enough that they cannot be scraped, pouring new Babbitt may be necessary.

Babbitt bearings are common in certain types of electric motors, as well as pumps, compressor, and many other applications.

Riverside Testing Standards

Special testing instructions in italics
Megohmeter up to 15KV:

  • All incoming motors
  • Test voltage should be applied for one minute

Open winding test using ohmmeter:

Electric Motor Repair in Boise Idaho

Not everyone is so excited about Electric Motor Repair in Boise Idaho, however we at Riverside are. While we're located in Parma, we have crews working in Boise and are repairing motors for Boise businesses almost daily.

In our treasure valley, we have several motor repair companies in and around Boise to choose from.

Idaho is fortunate to have the Agriculture and Industrial presence that we do. An important part of life for some industries is electric motors, and electric motor repair.

Riverside, Inc. vs. Priest Electric - a comparison

When choosing a repair shop, there are many factors to consider.

Being one of the largest shops in the west, with capabilities offered by few; we frequently bid against other shops on great jobs.

In this entry, we'll spend a bit of time explaining some of the differences between Riverside, Inc and Priest Electric.